My favourite time of year… no inspirational concepts needed to inspire our creative energy. The landscape has all we need to be inspired, deep plums, greys and taupes of mushrooms on the woodland floor, rusty bark, ever changing colours of leaves.

Autumn has an incredibly rich palette of colours and textures, it inspires not only the interiors industry but fashion, retail and more.

So with such an important change in seasons why is it that I feel that Autumn skips by without notice.

As soon as the leaves on the tree start to turn to gold it isn’t Autumn we celebrate….it’s taken over with the large department stores starting to load Christmas stock onto the shelves.

Crispy leaves and golden colours aren’t enjoyed as long as they should be, the harvest festival goes with a blink of an eye. Suddenly we see winter baubles, advent calendars and wrapping paper hit the shelves.

As a small scale retailer we have to “conform” with the timings of the Christmas retail period that the larger department stores set. If we do not “conform” our festive trading period is too short to sell our products.

So as a retailer, Autumn is forgotten which brings great sadness.

As an interior Designer I will continue to celebrate the colour and textures that Autumn brings, I will embrace the earthy tones of the woodland floor and I will loose myself in the rich berry tones.

So please enjoy our latest collection which we have affectionalty labelled

“From the Foraged Floor”

The driftwood and brass salad servers are just one of the many items in the collection,